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  1. Plural of memorial

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A memorial is an object which serves as a memory of something, usually a person (who has died) or an event.
Popular forms of memorials include landmark objects such as statues or fountains (and even entire parks).
The most common type of memorial is the gravestone.
Also common are war memorials commemorating those who have died in wars. Memorials in the form of a cross are called intending crosses.
Internet Memorials and Tributes are becoming increasingly popular. Online tributes and memorials create a way for family and friends from various countries to interact and share memories and photographs. This is becoming more and more popular as it provides a private space that can be easily reflected upon at any time. When somebody has died, the family may request that a memorial gift (usually money) be given to a designated charity or church (rather than flowers).
Sometimes, when a high school student has died, the memorials are placed in the form of a scholarship, to be awarded to high-achieving students in future years.
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